What are youth music forums?

The Youth Music Initiative through Creative Scotland has over the past three years been supporting groups of stakeholders in local authority regions across Scotland to set up youth music forums. The purpose of these forums is for local music providers who work with young people to begin the process of having unified approach to music provision which reflects local needs and demand.

Forums serve the purpose of encouraging and promoting local joined up thinking in terms of music provision, pooling resources, consolidating provision and identifying ‘localised’ gaps.  They are platforms for providers of youth music activities, agencies working with young people and young people themselves to play an active role in the development of the youth music sector within their region.  They will have a local impact but with a national resonance and they will contribute to the development of a cohesive national infrastructure for the youth music sector.

What can the YMFS.ORG.UK portal do and who is it for?

The portal which you are currently on aims to be a social networking digital platform for youth music stakeholders in Scotland to:

LEARN about activities and opportunities going on your area through regional news and a group directory

NETWORK with others, discuss issues and contribute to your local Youth Music Forum.

PROMOTE your organisation / business / events by adding your group to the directory.

Who manages the YMFS.ORG.UK online portal?

The national site is managed by Inner Ear Ltd. in partnership with the Youth Music Initiative at Creative Scotland.

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