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YMusic? is the umbrella name for all youth music activities happening in Kirkcaldy YMCA.
We have a professional recording studio; 2 rehearsal rooms and a digital radio studio. We provide informal music making opportunities to over 300 young people from Kirkcaldy and surrounding areas each week – here in Kirkcaldy YMCA, local schools and outreach community centres. We are also involved in Adult Education based around creative music making and digital/social media and provide affordable PA hire to individuals and groups around Fife.

check our new website (work in progress) for details.


Free rehearsal project, funded by Creative Scotland and Kirkcaldy YMCA is in its 2nd week and is already full to the brim with young bands. We’ve had so much interest that we’ve had to extend the weekend hours of the project and take on 2 young studio trainees. Good times!

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  • Avatar Image Free Rehearsals Project (3 posts → 3 years ago)

    HIya Lorna,

    Aye, the place is veritably jumping at the weekends. [...]

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  • It’s all good Gordon – gie’s a shout when you know.


  • Aye , How is a’bdy? Sorry I didnt get back to you earlier Shuggy, I couldnae log in, forgot my password (several times – I’m going for a record here). I’ll hopefully see the group in Dundee today so I’ll get back to you sooner rather than later about the idea of coming through sometime. I’m into Lorna’s idea about an East Coast group just to network on a local(ish) scale.

  • Excellent news Lorna. Be good to catch up.

  • Hi Shuggy and Gordon, spoke to Raymond and there is another ’a’thigither’ YMI gaithering similar to soundconnections planned for later this year. Great!

  • I’ve left a message on Ray Black’s voicemail to see if anything on the horizon; if not we can see what we can come up with ourselves, as a wee east coast grouping or something.

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